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Clandon Park Livery in the heart of approx 1000 acres private parkland owned by The Earl of Onslow

Clandon Park offers more than livery for your horse.......it’s a family.

Clandon Park offers more than livery for your horse.......it’s a family.

Clandon Park offers more than livery for your horse.......it’s a family. Clandon Park offers more than livery for your horse.......it’s a family.

2020 Livery: Grass Livery, DIY Livery, 5 day Part Livery, 7 day Full Livery, Full Hunter Livery and Full Competition Livery 

Welcome to the Family

A Special Environment Where You Dictate Your Pace Of Life.


We offer a well managed stables within a farm environment where there is no shortage of excellent grass for grazing horses, our rare breed sheep, making our own hay and for  exclusive hacking along rides across our home Clandon Park, The Earl of Onslows 1000 acre privately owned parkland estate. 

The team consists of professional grooms who aim to maintain a relaxed, welcoming and friendly atmosphere which is evident whether you are a horse owner attending regularly to watch your horse being schooled in one of the outdoor surfaced or grass arenas, a rider who particularly enjoys their horse riding early in the morning, noon or night (the surfaced arena is floodlit) or perhaps you are preparing yourself or your horse for the next stage of his education,  leisurely enjoying an afternoon hack or simply visiting for a chat and to watch your treasured retired horse grazing on the beautiful parkland. We make it our business to make your visit an enjoyable one. 

A choice of Grass, DIY, Part, Full, Hunter and Competition Livery

We try to accommodate your needs and those of your horse by offering flexible options within  a structured and caring environment. All Senior Grooms are highly skilled individuals with integrity and passion for their work. Our “Head Groom” and “Head of Riding” work under our Clandon Park Livery & Equestrian Facilities Manager Emma Warren who is qualified and has competed at International  Level and has produced horses for their owners at International Level. Our Visiting Coach is a BHSI (SM) has produced 6 Grand Prix horses and our Director is a BHSI(SM) who specialises in training students up to BHSII and Stage 4. So whether you have an old pal who is now enjoying his retirement, a grand cob you like to hack out at weekends, a best friend with whom you share adventures, a hunter to take off on a Saturday to experience thrills and spills or a competition horse at any level, we will support you every step of the way. 

Enquiries are Welcome

We offer a bespoke service and exclusive facilities that are unlike other livery stables and, as such, there is a bit of a waiting list. If however you would like to visit and meet us with a view of being added to that list you are always welcome. Viewing is by appointment with Emma Warren the Clandon Park Livery and Equestrian Facilities Manager. 

All Liveries have discounted membership to the exclusive Clandon Park Riding Club launching January 2020


We look forward to you joining the Clandon Park Livery family ! 



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